Nicola filming “Creative Block” in Paris, France, 2016

Nicola Rose is a filmmaker, performer, writer and translator. She is a graduate of Columbia University, where she studied French, and the Université Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle, where she studied theatre. A diehard believer in creating one’s own work, since returning to the U.S. she has written and produced her own musical (Aisle Six, Off-B’way, 2013), webseries (Callie & Izzy), and short film (Creative Block, currently in post-production and due out in fall 2017). She also works as a translator of French (for Disney, among others), a freelance writer, and a puppeteer around New York City, where you may have seen her at a library, a school, a community center or who knows where.

She is big on France, sushi, coffee, her evil cat, juxtapositions and incongruities.